The beauty of a blank canvas

Like peeing on the first, clean snow of the winter or the reckless consumption of burgers in a freshly laundered shirt, a virgin blog demands to be defiled. How to begin? Extensive research of other blogs suggests the following rules:

First post must be full of enthusiasm – so… ‘YAY!!!’ and must contain a load of detail about the author’s personal life  interests and their intention to update the blog every five minutes for the rest of forever.

Second post must be at least three weeks later and must begin with an apology for not updating as often as promised.

Third post must contain three hundred pictures of cats.

Fourth post must make reference to the fact that the blog has a new colour scheme. Further apologies and a picture of a baby in glasses.

Fifth post must direct you to the new blogsite: ‘Pictures of cats and babies in”


About Alex

I am an Excel spreadsheet that gained sentience back in 2000.

2 responses to “The beauty of a blank canvas”

  1. submeg says :

    Obviously you have gone back in my archives…

  2. graphicanthropology says :

    Awesomestness: Waking up first thing in the afternoon to a bowl of melted crunchy coffee and belly LOL’s, is that a new one BLOL. Thank you Officer.

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