Dear West London Fishermen’s Union

My employers have insisted that I attend a net-working event. I’m not a keen fisherman and I haven’t much experience of nets in general, so I’m eager to learn the basics. They just look like a load of holes tied together, but I’m sure there’s more to it. Do you have any instructional videos I could watch?

Do you think the holes will be supplied at the event, or should I take my own? What kind of string do I need to make a dot net framework? Do you think we’ll be able to make stockings? Will it be okay to wear the stockings at the event once I’ve made them? I’ll bring stilettos and a fabulous wig, just in case.

Also, everyone in the office was recently complaining that our entire net-work had ‘gone down’. Apparently it’s come back up again now, but I still haven’t seen any fish. Are we doing it wrong?

Best fishes,



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14 responses to “Networking”

  1. christinesuzannelucas says :

    Apparently, your bosses are into that teach a man to fish thing. Does that really hold water? Not sure.

  2. juwannadoright says :

    Bring knitting needles with you so that you can create your net. (If the seminar is too boring you may employ these to silence the instructor).

  3. Angeline M says :

    I am so glad I’ve subscribed to your blog. Interesting way to start my day.

  4. sangita says :

    We had the network go “down” once in our office too and everyone seemed delighted, chatting away, having fun and gossiping. But the minute it was “up” again, the mood was rather sour. Has this got anything to do with fishing?

  5. skippingstones says :

    Thanks for the laugh! I had a visual on those stockings falling down, too funny.

  6. kato writes says :

    Maybe you can also learn to blow a bubble, and how to pass it on before it pops

  7. Technospunky says :

    Reblogged this on Technospunky blah blah blogging on wordpress and commented:
    seriously .. I love these!..
    My employers have insisted that I attend a net-working event. I’m not a keen fisherman……

  8. Clare Flourish says :

    Attend a not-working event. It gets you out of the office.

  9. dysfunctional unit says :

    Excellent! Hilarious! “A load of holes tied together” I will repeat that to myself all day. Hopefully you don’t mind if I share this on fb. 10 outta 10 baby

  10. J. Boudreaux says :

    Boy, are you a lost ball in left field (for those of you residing in the UK that’s a baseball term we Yanks like to use insinuating that you haven’t got a clue) regarding Net-working. It has to do with television (or as you Brits so aptly, but misguidingly like to call the “Telly” [ who by the way was an actor who was in the Dirty Dozen and licked on lolly pops], not an electronic “imaging devise”). I believe your network is properly called the BBC (which by the way delivers some splendid telev . . . telly programming to us here across the pond!). I hope that this clears up your misconconception of the “fishing” aspect of the term.

    Great post old chap! Cheerio and all that sort of rot. J. (Lord of Unworthington upon )

  11. Randall Head says :


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