About you


Why did I create this page? I don’t know who you are? I must’ve been eating the red jelly beans again.

If you need to ask the internet who you are then you ought to get yourself to a brain doctor. Now! Go! They probably need to drill holes in your head.

If that doesn’t work, you should tell people your name is Rivulet von Carbattery III because that’s what I’d do and you want to be me, because my name’s Rivulet von Carbattery III.

Good luck Rivulet.



5 responses to “About you”

  1. paywindow7 says :

    Let’s see,
    I’m a reader, a writer, a drinker, a smoker, a rider, a flier, a seeker of truth and beauty. I refuse to eat or drink what is supposed to be good for me. I’ve been to mountains and will go back, I’ve been to the beach and won’t. I’m at the end of my life and feel that I’ve forgotten to do something I was meant to do and don’t know what it is.
    Oh yes I really enjoy your writing. It’s like when I write and I can feel a rythym within the words and text.

  2. Tee says :

    I am a romantic. A dream. A spaz. A clutz. A quirky soul. AND a terribly insecure writer who has a warped sense of humor. I seek adventure, and I need constant supervision for my own good. 🙂

  3. Honestly. says :

    You crack me up. Almost can’t read this at work, people think I’m having fun.

  4. kkrauskopf says :

    But, Rivulet my dear chap, you’ve created a bit of a turn at recursion here. See now we can’t both be Rivulet Von Carbattery III. I propose a test of wits to ascertain the true owner of the moniker. Whomever can name the most nesting spots for penguins keeps the name. The loser shall adopt the unfortunate moniker “George Bush”.

    • Squid says :

      My dearest Kraushead, you make an excellent point. Unfortunately, I already applied the sobriquet ‘George’ to one of the lesser bushes in the grounds of Squidling Manor, instantly quadrupling the mean intelligence of organisms bearing that inauspicious appellation.

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